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How walking football is played

The following is a summary of the full set of the walking football laws

  • Players must always walk, on or off the ball. Players who are deemed to be “not walking” will concede a free kick 

  • ZERO contact with other players either with or without the ball (shoulder charging, barging or slide tackling is not allowed)

  • Players have 3 touches maximum. The ball must be released on the third touch or the player must step away

  • Free kick given if the ball is kicked or deflected over 2m height

  • Deflection above 2m height by goalkeeper, ball retained by keeper

  • Deflection above 2m height by goalkeeper and ball goes into the goal, ball retained by keeper and goal is disallowed

  • Goalkeepers must roll the ball underarm or kick the ball from the ground to bring it back into play. No overarm throws or drop kicks

  • Encroachment into the penalty area by a defending player, or out of it by the goalkeeper, if it is deemed to be intentional, will be punished by a free kick or a penalty kick

  • No heading the ball 

  • All free kicks indirect except for corners and penalties

  • No offside 

  • No tackling from the side or behind. Arms length defending at all times

  • Goals cannot be scored direct from the kick-off

  • Defenders must be 3m from the ball in all directions from any free kick

  • Players may not play the ball whilst grounded, to include slide tackling and slide blocks, or have both feet off the ground when striking the ball

  • Cornering a player is not permitted, you must allow opponent to turn

  • 2 versus 1 tackling is not permitted 

  • Tackling across an opponent is not permitted

  • Playing with reckless or dangerous intent is an infringement subject to a 5-minute blue card

  • Penalties and free kicks are one-step 

  • A player who receives the ball from the keeper cannot return the ball straight back to the keeper 

  • Zero tolerance on abusive conduct or persistent dissent

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