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Woodley Pensioners walking football club
Our ethos

Walking football is different to all other forms of football. The main goals are not results based. It is about having fun, making friends, improving health and fitness, reducing isolation, improving wellbeing and being inclusive to all.


Woodley Pensioners walking football club has an ethos to achieve these goals and by participating you agree to accept, follow and play by this ethos:


  • Treat every person with respect

  • Encourage and consider others

  • Never abuse anyone in any way

  • Respect every player regardless of their ability

  • Appreciate that some players attend only for fun, exercise and friendship and not to win football games

  • Never complain or argue with an official

  • Have a duty of care for the health and wellbeing of everyone

  • Refrain from any offensive words or gestures

  • Look out for players that don’t seem well or have gone quiet

  • Play to win but not at the cost of sportsmanship

  • At all times abide by the rules of the game

  • Promote the importance of teamwork in all aspects of the club

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