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"I have played walking football for over 3 years to keep fit and for the social contact. As the man said, once we are on the pitch we are all the same, so true.

I have enjoyed every moment and thank my lucky stars that I am still fit enough to play the beautiful game."

Bert P


"I had never played football before, but I joined Woodley Pensioners in August and have loved it. I am learning new skills, making new friends, and getting some exercise whilst also having fun. I would recommend giving it a go."

Margaret A'B


"As a 77 year old Walking Football has increased my fitness, social life and circle of friends."

John L


"Walking Football was recommended to me for health and fitness. I became a regular player and we all went for a coffee after each game. Those players have now become friends. Take it up and don't stay at home!"

Alan W


"From my very first steps I loved playing football. The sheer joy of kicking a ball, being part of a team, the banter, the thrill of winning, the sorrow of losing, then it all ended abruptly. Now thirty years on it is back. Walking football I love you!"

Tony W


"Having played as a youngster this Walking Football group has brought back all the teamwork and camaraderie that has been missing for all those years. A great way to stay fit and to socialise."

Colin B


"Walking Football has been a godsend in terms of wealth, health and happiness - so much so that the wife keeps suggesting more days to play."

Cornelius O'K

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